Aegean Aesthetics

When the Architecture folds in the Aegean

The fusion of Mykonian traditional architecture with functionality and modernity, following the client’s way of living his house, is the hallmark of a Mykonos Architects project. Creating a new home is a very exciting experience and should remain as pleasant and stres free as possible. Our team of Architects and Interior Designers is with you not only to design YOUR home, but to provide the support needed to draw down YOUR ideas and build what YOU have in mind. Each project responds to the client’s specific style, way of living and budget. We manage all the phases of the project, from scratch to completion, taking into account the planning and the economic basis. The final goal is the client’s complete satisfaction and the respect for the natural beauty of the island. Over the last few years, people have been rather confused, bringing austere and modern lines that can’t merge with the island’s aesthetics and essentially infringe upon it. It is not necessary – and it would be wrong – to mimic of the island’s traditional architecture. But it is essential that we understand it, feel it and respect it. Then, the more modern lines will follow naturally, highlighting and elevating this traditional mykonian farmhouses architecture.

Aude Mazelin
Founder | Art director


When the Architecture folds in the Aegean

Aude Mazelin
Founder | Head Architect | Creative Director

Xara Karatzali
Architect II | Project Designer

Konstantina Bakali
Architect II | Project Designer

Dina Alexandropoulou
Senior Architect | Project Manager

Eleana Kremmyda
Architect II | Project Designer

Maria Rousounelou
Interior Designer II | FF&E Manager

Antonis Iordanidis
Head Project Engineer | Electrical Engineer

Polyxeni Takou
Senior Interior Designer | Site supervisor

Vasiliki Ragia
Architect II | Project Designer

Penny Georgiadou
Office Manager

Eleftheria Kouleli
Budget controller | Purchasing Coordinator

Lefki Pantelopoulou

Public Administration Processor